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About us

We are in "La Privada Roja" , located in the Cologne San Rafael in CDMX.

We are a bakery and restaurant dedicated to creating each product by hand .

We have a wide variety of international style breads and Mexican dishes.

The logo story

"The basket with bread"

"The bike"

It represents the values and tools that Chacho left his children to move forward.

"The Calaca Chacho"

Represents the father of the founders of Mimbre
Context: that's what they called him affectionately.

In addition to representing the Mexican tradition of bread in the Wicker basket, it represents the effort converted into food to transmit inspiration through flavor.

Our story

The idea for Mimbre began in 2019 when one of the founding brothers, Tony, decided to start a business related to bread.

In October of the same year, he began selling bread at home to friends and family and after good comments about the flavor, he began to create new breads to sell.

The pandemic arrives and so does the economic crisis...
But despite this, the opportunity came to him to open his bakery in "La Privada Roja". There he realized the potential his business had and invited his brothers to be part of this new challenge.

Inspired by the illuminated afternoon at "La Privada", chef Tony and Irma began working on Mimbre's logo, hand-drawn and inspired by Mexican traditions.
There Mimbre was born, from an inspiration of brothers wanting to achieve what at the time seemed impossible, since then Tony focused on improving his recipes more and more every day.

People began to go to try the famous San Rafael bread.
But people wanted to see more... breakfasts!

With only 2 people running the store, Mimbre began offering Mexican breakfasts, coffees and of course, bread. The team grew, new partners, new talent.
Thanks to the new team, Mimbre grew exponentially, becoming considered one of the 36 best restaurants in Mexico City (
2022-Condé Nast Traveler ).

We continue to improve for all those who have made this dream come true, thanks to all those who have gone to try the effort and desire.
Thank you for reading this story.

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